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What can we offer on your wedding day?

We strive to be as flexible as possible by providing couples with a selection of set packages to start, and then include add-ons à la carte as needed to have it best tailored for your special occasion.



​We know each wedding is unique, and we approach it with that mindset every time we prepare. We're absolutely open to brainstorming, and discussing ideas if you have them. On the wedding day we like to be as candid as possible, but when the time comes for direction we can guide you how to look great. It's that simple!

Our wedding photography packages begin at $2200.


As cinematographers we pursue all storylines, no matter how big or small. Before the big day we thoroughly plan and devise the intricacies needed in order to capture those emotional moments as they happen. We prefer to stay in the background and are quietly documenting the day, most likely without you even noticing us.

Our wedding cinematography packages begin at $2200.


Pre-Wedding Experience

Leading up to the wedding day, we are an open book for you to ask questions. Whether it be helping with the planning and scheduling, or suggestions for other vendors we have worked with and can recommend — we’ve been through it all and can share with you our experiences to help incorporate into your own wedding.

As well if you would like for us to attend the rehearsal prior to the big day, we can look to make time for that too! Having a peace of mind will only help to alleviate any stress involved with the planning.

Wedding Day Experience

Easy-going, calm, and a rock. That is what we will be for you throughout the day, and making sure we keep on track for the schedule. Doing our best to keep in the background as much as possible to capture your candid reactions, it is your day and not ours. We believe you should look back on the day remembering the important people you are sharing it with, and the occasion we are all there to celebrate. That being said, we will be there every step of the way for you and guide you throughout the day as effortlessly as possible.

Post-Wedding Experience

Once the day is over, you can take a big sigh of relief and relax! As an added bonus to our couples and a show of our appreciation for including us in your important day, we aim to provide a gallery sneak peek of photos to you shortly after the wedding.

Depending on the volume of weddings we have that season, it will determine the final delivery of photos. Typically you can expect the full delivery between 1-3 months time from your wedding date. Should you have a special request in the meantime, please do feel free to let us know and we will do our best to accommodate it!

As for our films, our approach is always story coming first. We pay close attention to how each of our videos are structured, and make sure that it follows a unique narrative tailored to your special day. No two weddings are exactly alike! Typically you can expect the final delivery between 1-3 months time from your wedding date.

Data Back-Up & Safety

As important as it is to firstly capture the moments throughout the day, it is also equally if not more important to ensuring that the files are stored safely and backed-up properly. We do our best in keeping multiple versions and copies of all your memories across our hard-drives, but also making sure that you have online access as well as an offline copy to hold onto once we deliver the final product.

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